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  In today's increasingly competitive world, we college students need not only a good level of knowledge, but also a proper career planning.

  Everyone wants to own life can be a very fascinating, so should have their own career planning, especially for college students, the employment planning for career development and its important significance. The significance of career planning is to find a career that suits its development needs, to realize the matching between individual and profession, and to maximize the value of the individual. We should acknowledge and correct the deficiencies and gaps in our professional interest training and career education. In order to make up this gap, we can do a good job in guiding the employment of college students in China, and we can start from both the individual and the society.


  To have a successful career plan, you should have the right premise and clear goal, and the career ideal will serve as the leader and guide in the career of the person. Self-assessment is the first requirement of career planning. It mainly includes personal needs, interests, personality and temperament, so as to determine what career is suitable for them. Every college student should have an objective and comprehensive understanding of himself and put himself in his position and believe in his own strength. Now there are a lot of college graduates employment, lack of courage in front of unit of choose and employ persons, the more sure of things always can't brave to accept, especially for some of the higher vocational, high paying unit lacks the courage to compete, and loss of the ideal jobs. Know your strengths and weaknesses, weaknesses and weaknesses, and know what you can do to win a competitive advantage. To this end, we must first accurately assess our knowledge and skills; Secondly, we should be good at analyzing our own personality characteristics, which is the basis of career planning. Higher education is not equal to high employability. Employers are high in consumption, students and parents blindly pursue advanced degrees, and mistakenly believe that higher education equals higher working ability. In fact, knowledge is an empirical system in the mind. The ability is a combination of individual psychological characteristics which is consistent with the activity requirement and the effect of the combination. It is a generalized psychological activity system that is fixed by the individual. The development of the two is not consistent, the knowledge and employment ability, education and employment ability cannot be equal.

  Education is academic and professional education, which can be both academic and professional education. Chinese universities have long formed the characteristics of the excessive emphasis on academic professional education, so the college graduates under education are more likely to have an imbalance in the development of knowledge and ability. Employment needs the relevant professional quality and ability. Turning what you have learned into a professional skill is clearly a part of a large number of graduates who have read only the sages. So we have to give ourselves the right orientation. Then there is the analysis of the organization and the environment. Also, career opportunity assessments and career goals will be determined, and action plans will be developed to translate the goals into specific solutions and measures. Many people in college has formed a forecast of future career, but they often ignore the consideration to the individual age and development, employment target is too high, too idealistic. In recent years, many graduates in career choice has been emphasized big units, cities and high income, even for those willing to give up personal professional expertise, regardless of the individual character and professional interests. Similarly, for those students who have "this mountain to look at the high" mentality, it is also a sign of uncertain career goals. Blind pursuit and choice not only affect the individual's current employment, but also adversely affect the future career development of the individual. Everyone should know what they are going to do now and in the future. For the determination of career goals, according to the characteristics of different periods, according to their own professional characteristics, work ability, interests and hobbies, and so on. Here we can draw lessons from American professional expert from Holland and the occupational aptitude test, he put the personality types are divided into reality, research, art, society, enterprise and six types, any kind of environment in general can be attributed to one or more of the following types of combination. We can better achieve the matching between personality and profession through similar professional examinations.


  Career planning and development is a complex and ongoing process, in which individual experience is difficult to achieve. We know that career development is an irreversible process, for each people, life is limited, career choice of each step are associated with a person's age. Therefore, in the process, with the aid of career counseling of intelligence and experience advantage, to provide constructive Suggestions for the individual career planning, will have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort, at least a little detours. School in establishing a professional consultancy should be noticed that such institutions must have extensive by a group of human resources development and management theory, and master the various scientific assessment methods of experts and practitioners. On the other hand, the school should be open in the beginning of college students' college career on career planning and development course, theoretically to let every students should know why, and how to go to their own career planning and development. Scientific and reasonable career planning is the necessary work for every college student's employment, and it is the inevitable requirement of every college student's career development.

  The career planning of college students is the future employment of a fulcrum, we all need to use the pivot as a spring for society in the future, let us use it to jump higher, fly farther!




  每个人都希望自己的一生能够过的十分精彩,因此都应该有自己的职业生涯规划,特别是对于大学生而言,就业规划对职业生涯的发展有着及其重要的意义。 职业生涯规划的意义在于寻找适合自身发展需要的职业,实现个体与职业的匹配,体现个体价值的最大化。我们应该承认并正确对待我们在职业兴趣培养和职业生涯教育方面的不足和差距。为了弥补这一差距,切实做好我国大学生就业的指导工作,可以从个体和社会两方面着手。

  要有一个成功的职业生涯规划,要有正确的前提明确的目标,职业理想在人的职业生涯中其者领导和指南的作用。进行自我评估是职业生涯规划的首要条件 。


  主要包括个人的需要,兴趣,性格以及个人气质等,以确定什么职业比较适合自己。每个大学生对自身都要有一个客观、全面的了解,摆正自己的位子,相信自己的实力。现在有很多高校毕业生就业的时候,在用人单位面前缺乏勇气, 对比较有把握的事情总是不能大胆接受,尤其是对一些自己向往的高职,高薪的单位缺少竞争的勇气,从而丧失理想的就业机会。清楚自己的优势与特长,劣势与不足,知道自己适合做什么,只有这样才能赢得竞争优势。



  同样,对于那些存有“这山望着那山高”心理的学生,也是职业目标不确定的一种表现。盲目的攀高追求与选择不仅影响个人目前的就业,同样会对个体以后的职业发展造成不利的影响。每一个人都应该知道自己在现在和将来要做什么。对于职业目标的确定,需要根据不同时期的特点,根据自身的专业特点、工作能力、兴趣爱好等分阶段制定。在此我们可以借鉴美国职业指导专家霍兰德所创的职业性向测验,他把个性类型分为现实型、研究型、艺术型、社会型、企业型和常规型六种类型,任何一种环境大体上都可以归属于其一种或几种类型的组合。通过类似的职业性向测验我们能够更好的实现个性与职业之间的匹配。 职业生涯规划和发展是一个复杂的、持续的过程,在这一过程中,单凭个人的经验是很难实现目标的。我们知道,职业生涯发展是一个不可逆转的过程,对于每一个人来说,生命都是有限的,职业选择的每一个步骤都与个人的年龄联系在一起。